Recruitment, HR & Outsourcing Specialists

About Us

H&S was established in November 1998 and have a National and International footprint in Human Resource Services, logistics and training.

By partnering with our clients, our technical & value-added services ensure optimal team work, on-time delivery and smooth, efficient and effective operations.

For over 20 years, we have given our clients the peace of mind that placement of their outsourced or permanent staff are thoroughly vetted ensuring that the placements and people are of the highest caliber.

We continually focus on industry standards and best practice, which means with our expert knowledge, we understand your company’s requirements. With each project we amass the requisite skills to streamline and improve our processes positively impacting budget management, milestone tracking and resource management. 

H&S will ensure business excellence and continuity in your environment.

We continually grow a culture of empowerment, honesty, integrity, transparency.

We have built and managed throughout the years a strong base of clients and applicants.

We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ needs by managing expectations.