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Here is why you should let H&S to find your next hire!

Hire highly qualified candidates faster

Our database is 20 years in the making and our applicant pool is vast.  Our professional staff can find the right fit candidate for you faster, as a result, we can save you time and costs.

Keep your professional appearance
We ensure that your hiring process is done professionally and the letter of the law.

Retain your new hires
Besides being more cost effective than most recruitment agencies, we offer a guaranteed new hire period.  If your new hire is terminated or leaves before the expiry of a guarantee period, H&S will find a new replacement candidate at no extra charge. 

Additional Services
We offer a wide range of additional Recruitment Services such as Vetting services, psychometric & skills assessment testing, human resource management, payroll service, etc.

Seasonal/Cyclical/Market Demand
Let us take away the pain and stress of your bulk recruiting, our Temporary Employment Services Division can assist you from sourcing your staff to paying your staff.

What more can we say, other than our experienced staff will only give you their very best always!

Allow us to give you your ideal candidate, contact us today.